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The passion of Scuba diving with a 5 star feeling

Diversion is a Scuba diving company that offers an alternative! The Diversion Team are PADI, SSI and SDI dive professionals with passion for the ocean, for diving and for teaching! The only company to offer 100% private excursions accompanied by PADI instructors with experience from all over the world. Each of our PADI professionals  provide the highest level of service, safety and training in Tenerife. Located in the sunniest part of the island, our location is perfect for scuba diving and within reach of some of the best sites the island has to offer. 

Diversion can be found within some of the best hotels in Tenerife including GRAN MELIA PALACIO DE ISORA. The professionals of DIVERSION take the upmost pride in placing customer safety and satisfaction above all else.

Offering a variety of courses and excursions in several languages, our professionals are fully equipped to provide experiences such as: Discover diving from the hotel pool to experiences in the ocean, dives for beginners and advanced divers and professional diving.

Our commitment to excellence meets the highest standards of diving communities worldwide and for this reason, all of our excursions are offered as a PRIVATE SERVICE. Our service specializes in tailor made scuba diving experiences all with top of the line equipment that are checked regularly to ensure every dive is a great and safe one.


Don't forget Duke. Our amazing Scuba dog who guards the gear!


People protect what they love and Diversion loves the ocean. 

We promote responsible behaviour underwater with a strict no feeding policy as well as a no touching policy. We take measures to perserve this fragile enviornment and believe with small actions we can make big changes! DIVERSION 's professionals have a background in working within unique  Unesco World heritage sites, Marine national parks,  as well as offer PADI Project Aware courses to educate our future divers on the improtance of taking care of the ocean.

DIVERSION works privately and without large groups ensuring the control of bouyancy to protect the fragile underwater enviornment of Canarias. 

DIVERSION does not  use of plastic bags, straws or plastic cups. 

DIVERSION offers the chance to dive sites that are easily accessible by foot.

Please check our blog for information, ideas and more on our commitement as well as what you can do for the ocean today!